In Loving Memory - We WILL Remember

No Name, Mickey, Terry, Leah, Domino, Sammy, "American Bulldog", Jacob, Pip, Tammy, Benson, Toby, Alice, Monk, Snoopy, Gia, Phil, Alfie, Baxter, Elvis, Ali, Stripe, Winston, "3109" and Blackie died afraid, abandoned and alone in a cold, concrete kennel.
Unclaimed strays, these beautiful innocent dogs were unable to find a rescue space before their 7 days were up.
Young, healthy and with so much love still to give, they were destroyed to make way for yet more incoming stray dogs.


A tragic, tragic waste of life.  
We are so very sorry humans failed you all :'(

Run free over Rainbow Bridge.
Sleep tight. Much love xx


According to The Dogs Trust Stray Dog Survey, around 8% of stray dogs picked up across the UK are put to sleep. The Dogs Trust estimates that 8,985 dogs were put to sleep between April 2012 and March 2013.

The pressure on rescue centres and stray dog kennels across the country is worsening.  
This is a major animal welfare issue and a national scandal, which the Government is largely turning a blind eye to.

Bull breeds and their crosses and sighthounds now make up the vast majority of death row dogs we are asked to assist, but not exclusively so.   We have been asked to help Huskies, JRTs, Akitas, Shar-peis, Labradors, Chihuahuas, Malamutes, Kelpies, mastiffs, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Bichon Frise, Collies, Lurchers, Spitz, Toy Poodles, the list goes on and on...

We need to raise public awareness of what is happening to Britain's abandoned dogs - they are dying in their thousands.

And still people keep breeding.

It is getting harder and harder for us, and organisations like us, to find safe places for all these dogs to go.

People cannot keep churning out more and more puppies and then ditching them when the going gets tough.  Things HAVE to change. 

PLEASE... Don't breed or buy while healthy pets die!

The Plight of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Up to 60% of all dogs in UK rescues are now staffies or staffie crosses.  These are the lucky ones.  Almost half of all staffies die before they reach adulthood.

Nicknamed the Nanny dog by previous generations, the Staffie became the Nation's dog de jour in the early 21st century and quickly became a victim of its own success.  Bred by people looking to make a fast buck and old to literally anyone, bought on a whim and thrown out like last night's left-overs, the poor Staffie soon became a walking symbol of Britain's throw away society gone mad.

Raised by those with no idea how to care for (or train) a dog, many Staffies have found themselves terribly mistreated and abused, before being chucked out onto the streets to fend for themselves.  An alarming number are deliberately dumped - thrown out of moving cars onto motorways or A roads, presumably in the hope that they will be hit by a car and killed.

Rescue centres have been overwhelmed by the sheer number of staffie types being abandoned.  Many have had no choice but to close their doors to any more - the volume of staffies needing help has threatened the very existence of many of the rescues desperately trying to help them.

In the UK, it is estimated that
one stray dog dies every hour.  

The vast majority of these are staffordshire bull terriers and their crosses.

And still people breed.

One litter of eight staffie pups becomes 324 dogs in 5 years. 

     PLEASE... Don't breed or buy while pound dogs die!