Adoption Information

As a death row rescue, the majority of dogs in our care arrive after being abandoned or picked up as a stray by a local authority.  Others may have been rescued from a welfare situation.  Although we do our best to make life in kennels as comfortable as possible, kennel life is no substitute for being part of a real family.

We are seeking very special families to offer our dogs a second chance; to nurture them and enable them to be the amazing family dogs we know they can be.

Adopting a rescue dog is incredibly rewarding but requires a lot of time, emotional commitment and patience. It may take 6 months or more for your new dog to fully settle into your home and adjust to your expectations. Depending on the breed and age, you will need to be able to exercise them for up to two hours a day.  Some dogs will arrive with a good grounding in doggie manners, while others will need some basic training and require your help to learn the ropes.

Who can adopt?

We look for families in the following areas:  London, Essex, Herts, N. Kent, Bucks, Beds or Surrey - this is so that we are close enough to provide support if needed.

We look for homes which are CAT FREE (unless otherwise stated) as we do not have facilities to cat test effectively.

CHILDREN MUST BE AGED 10+ - we have no history on the majority of our dogs and do not know if they have lived with youngsters before.

Someone must to be at home for at least part of the working day.  The maximum time we will allow dogs to be left alone is four hours.  Full time workers will be asked to demonstrate how they will care for the dog while they are away from home.

Resident dogs need to be neutered and up to date with their vaccinations.  They will also need to accompany you on your visit to the kennels/foster home, to check the incoming dog is compatible with your existing pack.

Your garden needs to be fully enclosed and secure (6ft fences unless otherwise stated) with no gaps, broken panels etc.

We rehome dogs to commercial/public premises (pubs, shops etc), nor can we send dogs to ‘working homes’ (e.g. as security dogs, hunting dogs etc).

For rented homes only: we require WRITTEN evidence of the landlord’s consent to keep dog(s) on the premises.

How do I adopt?

The first step is to fill in our adoption questionnaire telling us about yourself, your home, your lifestyle and your pets.

Potential adopters will then be contacted by a rescue representative for an informal telephone chat so we can learn a little more about what kind of dog may suit you.

Next, we will arrange a home visit by an experienced volunteer; this informal at-home interview is known as a "home check".  Our representative will need to meet all members of the family and be given access to the areas of your home and garden, where the new dog will spend its time.  

Following a successful home visit, you will be required to pay a £150 adoption donation.  This is not a payment for the dog but is a contribution towards the ongoing work of Safe and Sound.  This will need to be returned with a signed copy of our 'adoption agreement' (see below).

Your family (including any dogs) will need to travel at least twice to see your prospective pet - first to meet them and get to know them, and then again to collect them and take them home.  We do not provide a drop off service.

What else do I need to know?

From time to time things may not work out in the new home. This may be a result of inaccurate information given by the previous owner, the animal displaying new behaviour in the home environment that we had not experienced in kennels, or the new owner realising that they are not fully prepared for the challenge of taking on a rescue dog.  Should this happen, you will be asked to contact us to arrange to bring the dog back into our care as soon as possible.

We will be available to provide ongoing support post adoption.  To help support both you and your new pet, we may conduct follow up visits to ensure that the dog is settling well into its new home.
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14 Apr 2014, 05:17