We are inundated with requests to save poundies in dire straits.  Dogs we know will die unless we do something.  Take a look at our "Day in the Life" behind the scenes feature, for more on our daily battle to save these precious lives....

It is truly heartbreaking saying "no", but without more funds, we simply cannot help every dog that needs us.

But it doesn't have to be this way...

With YOUR help, we can make sure we are always there for those dogs who have noone else.

We have recently launched our brand new fundraising pack.  Jam packed with ideas and advice to help YOU raise much needed funds for Safe and Sound. 

 Save a life today!  Download your copy of our Fundraising Pack at the bottom of this page! 

What the funds YOU raise could buy:


Transport -Many of our dogs have to travel hundreds of miles, just to find a rescue that will take them in.  We rely on a committed band of volunteer transporters to move our dogs to safety and will reimburse their fuel costs wherever we can.

£3.50 per 10 miles

Emergency Boarding -for dogs who have exceeded the statutory 7 day holding period and are at imminent risk of destruction.  With your help, we can fund their stay in private boarding kennels until such time as we are able to find them a safe place (i.e. rescue space) to go to

£7-10 per dog per day

Essential Veterinary Care  - Many of the dogs we care for have never been vaccinated, wormed or flea treated.  Diseases like Parvo and distemper can spread like wildfire in the pound environment and infected dogs are unlikely to survive.  With your help, we can reduce the spread of  these deadly diseases and protect our poundies from the very real dangers they pose.

£50 vaccinations

£5 flea treatment

£4 worming

Neutering and Speying - Some of our dogs wait months and months to find a rescue space.  We neuter all our long stay pounds dogs in the hope that this will encourage a rehoming rescue to take them on, knowing that this is one expense they won’t have to incur.

£110 castration

£140 bitch spey

Emergency Veterinary Care - Not all councils will fund veterinary treatment for stray dogs in their care.  Some will only cover vet bills for the first 7 days of a dog’s stay at the pound, others will avoid paying any medical costs at all.  Where necessary, we will fund urgent treatment needed by poundies ineligible for funding by their local authority.  This can include paying for operations/x-rays or other procedures which cannot wait until a dog finds a rescue space.

 Varies according to the medical needs of the dog but can easily run into hundreds of pounds