Nick of Time

Day to day, we routinely work with 5 or 6 local authorities across the country, helping their strays find places of safety before it is too late.  Where our resources and capacity allow, we also try to assist
 outside of these areas, finding rescue spaces for dogs who are at imminent risk of destruction.

Here we will feature just some of the many desperate dogs we have saved after they were referred to us by third parties because they were in grave danger of being destroyed...

SID was found by council bailiffs following a tenant eviction in West Yorkshire.  They discovered Sid found locked in a small cupboard purely by chance, as they were inspecting the property.  The council very kindly placed Sid in emergency kennels while Safe and Sound sought a more permanent place of safety for him.  Sadly Sid showed signs of psychological distress and so was moved to rescue where he will receive a great deal of one to one attention and receive specialist behavioural support to help him recover from the trauma he suffered.

Say hello to Biscuit.  This terrified Lurcher boy was abandoned by travellers in South London and soon ran out of time in the pound.  We heard of his plight and agreed to help him less than 24 hrs before he was due to be destroyed.  Biscuit is now Safe and Sound in the care of one of our partner rescues, having spent a short time in our emergency boarding kennels.

Samson, a disabled 13 year old Staffie cross, found himself on death row in South Yorkshire.  With one eye missing, historic spinal injuries and a mange infestation, things looked very bleak for this elderly chap.  We heard of his plight and secured a retirement placement for Samson at a wonderful sanctuary, where he will take up his position as the official Office Dog until his forever home comes along.

Meet Buster.  This elderly staffie boy came to our attention via another rescue, who were unable to help him.  Buster was due to be put to sleep in a West Yorkshire pound when we whisked him to the safety or our emergency boarding kennels, where he stayed until we were able to secure a rescue placement for him.  Buster has since been rehomed to one of our very own supporters.
Now rehomed

Meet Jake.  We received a plea for help after this lovely boy ran out of time in a West Yorkshire pound, along with another staffie girl (Darcy).  Just hours away from being taken to the vet for destruction, Jake and Darcy were rushed into our emergency boarding kennels.  They remained with us until we were able to secure rescue spaces for them both with a large national rescue.

Say hello to Ellie, an elderly Akita.  She had run out of time at a Lancashire pound and the rescue organisation trying to help her was really struggling to find her safety.

We stepped in and found Ellie a rescue space at a sanctuary where she will stay for as long as she needs to, and live in the comfort of a home environment.

Ellie is now Safe and Sound in the care of The Alternative Animal Sanctuary 

This is Casper, a young staffie male.  Like Ellie, he had run out of time at the pound and had been moved into emergency boarding by the rescue trying to save him.

With their funds for emergency boarding dangerously low, we began contacting rescues on their behalf and soon found Casper a fantastic rescue space.
Now rehomed

This stunningly handsome blue staffie boy is Melvin who we rescued from a pound in Kent.  At just 12 months old, poor was booked in to die at 9 am the following day, after the organisation trying to save him was unable to find him a rescue space.  With literally hours to spare, we found him a rescue space at 11pm at night the evening before he was due at the vets!
Now rehomed

This strikingly beautiful young man is Bruno.  We secured this beautiful boy a rescue space with a national breed rescue for Akitas, after being contacted by another organisation that was struggling to save him.  Having dodged the needle by the skin of his teeth, Bruno is now in a foster home and looking for his new home.