Updated:  7th July 2013

I haff some more newsie! The BIGGEST newsie! I haff adopted some human beans! TWO of dem! Now that my pawly leggies haff bin mended and I haff the ALL CLEARS from Mr V.E.T, I haff decided that de time is rights for Poppet to looks after some people agains.

Poppet haff been VERY busy the past week or twos. A few weeks ago a luffly fambly did contact Mrs Angis and Mrs Wendys to ask if I would likes to come and live wiv dem. Mrs Wendys said they sounded like a perfect family for Poppet to takes care off, so she did send a fol-un-teer to meets dem. In de meantime, I haff had to haff ANNUVER op-er-a-shun, dis time dey did takes some of my lady bits away. How rudes! Paw Poppets! I shall be haffing words with Mrs Angi and Mrs Wendys about dat bit!

Anyways, I haff now moved in with Mr Matts and Mrs Kimberlies, my new foreffer fambly. I shall do my bests to takes good care of dem boths, I promise. Here I is meetings my new famblies for de first time.

Luff Poppet xxx

Updated:  2nd June 2013

I haff sum newsie. BIG newsie. Poppet's leggie is MENDED! I did go to see Mr V.E.T. and de nice nurses yesterdays. They did haff a good looksie at my leggie and watched Poppet walksing. Mr V.E.T. says I don't haff to be in my crate anymore and he don't haff to check my leggie again. Poppet is fixed and Poppet is FREEEEEEEEEE. Mr James says I mustn't get carried aways; I is only allowed mini walks on a flexi lead at de moment. Poppet is very happy now. Here I is on me way from de vets.


Hello efferybody, my name is Poppet...

I is an 18month old cutie pie and I needs your helps please.

I is what you call a ‘Wonky Dog’. I was borned with Luxating Patella and some Hip Dysplasia too. My back legs is very strange - the V.E.T says I gots ‘very unstable patellae associated with shallow trochlear grooves and deviated tibial tuberosities’. I doesn’t know what dat means but I do knows my back legs is all wibbly wobbly. Sometimes I finds it hard to stay on my paws.

I haff had one leg mended already. Mr V.E.T isn’t shore yet but it still isn't right and I might needs a new op-er-a-shun later to fix some tibial tuberosity deviation. I don’t understands them long wordses but I knows my leg is still a bit wonky. He says I walks like John Wayne! What a cheeks!

My other leg is even wonkiers! I has had no op-er-a-shuns on it yets and I needs it fixed. I needs some more trochlear groove deepenings and a tibial tuberosity transposition. 

Mr V.E.T says he can try and mends my leg but it would cost about ate hundred and pawty pound with some vats. I think he fancies Poppet cos he did gives Poppet a BIG discount. He said it is cos I is a rescue dog but I don’t believes him. Efferybody loves Poppet don’t they?

After my op-er-a-shun I has gots to spend ate weeks in a speshul kennel resting my pawly legses. I needs another paw hundred and twenty poundies to pay my rents.

So I is asking if my friends can helps me gets my op-er-a-shun.

If you can helps Poppet and her pawly leggsie, your pennies can be sents to:

Safe and Sound
Lloyds TSB
account no: 25328860
sort code:

Or via Paypals:

Thanksing you all very much indeedsy, luff and licks from Poppet.