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It's 6 weeks since we launched our urgent appeal "Six Weeks to Save Safe and Sound"; with our coffers almost empty and our future looking very uncertain, we set to raise £10,000 - or three months' running costs.

We have so far raised an incredible £4,570. This means have not managed to hit our target, but we have gone some way towards ensuring we can continue to operate.

This includes:
  • £1,000 from fellow dog rescue charity Carla Lane Animals in Need
  • £1087 from a small but committed group of fundraisers who used BT My Donate to hold all sorts of events from sponsored runs and assault courses to photo competitions and zombie get togethers!
  • £600 from our Odds and Sod's online car boot sale
  • £815 (after costs) in donations via our Go Fund Me campaign
  • £1,068.13 (approx) in donations - this includes both monthly standing orders and one off payments from supporters.
Although we are DELIGHTED with the response to our appeal so far, it's important for us to stress that our reserves still too low to provide full service through the winter months (the time of highest demand for our help). 

With the Christmas period almost upon us, we expect our kennels to begin filling up again steadily over the coming weeks.

With monthly running costs of around £3,500, the funds raised will not go far, so we cannot rest on our laurels. We need to keep the appeal going and the momentum up.

Everyone at Team SAS has been touched by the support we have received so far, but we will need your ongoing support to ensure our fundraising efforts are a success and the future of the charity is secure.

Please, please, share our posts, spread the word. Get involved in our fundraising: invite your friends, donate an item, share news of our events, sponsor a friend. 

Just keep us, and our precious in poundies, in your hearts and in your minds.

Thank you 

We have posted before about rocketing costs and concerns for the future of Safe and Sound. We have now reached breaking point. Our coffers are empty. We face imminent closure.

In 12 months, we have seen a 100% increase in demand for our Safe Havens: the number of strays destroyed nationally has increased and we now provide double the number of emergency kennels compared to a year ago. Last year, we spent just over £13,000 on kennelling. This financial year, we have already spent over £9,000 on kennels. In just 5 months our boarding costs have risen by a whopping 50%.

With regret, we have now closed our doors to urgent new intakes from other areas, and without a massive cash injection, will soon have to close our doors to dogs from the three pounds which rely exclusively on Safe and Sound. 

Our priority has to be to secure the future of existing boarders who we are already committed to. We will be working behind the scenes to ensure all dogs in EB are placed with other rescues before our deadline.

Safe and Sound assists local authorities across the country, but for three pounds in particular, where we are the ONLY charity saving strays from death, closing our doors will have a devastating effect.

We need YOUR help like we have never needed it before. We have SIX WEEKS to save Safe and Sound. Just 45 days.

We need to raise a MINIMUM of £10,000 (3 months' running costs) to continue operating in the SHORT term AND establish a COMMITTED team of fundraising volunteers and donors to secure funds for the longer term.

Can you help us reach our goal, so we can carry on doing what we do best?

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Or to make a bank payment:

Safe and Sound
Lloyds Bank
account no: 25328860    sort code: 30-97-90