Registered Charity no: 1152935

URGENT Rescue Spaces needed!

The following dogs have served their statutory 7 days at the pound and have not been claimed by their owners.   They are urgently seeking rescue assistance.  All dogs will have at least their first vaccination. 

We are seeking spaces with established, reputable rescues which:
  • Have a non-destruct ethos (unless on the advice of a veterinary surgeon)
  • Vaccinate, microchip and neuter all dogs prior to rehoming (unless a vet advises against it)
  • Conduct a home visit for all foster/forever homes before releasing the dog
  • Offer LIFETIME rescue back up to the dog - the dog must be able to return at any time.
  • Fully assess all dogs in a safe, controlled environment before introducing them to members of the public.  This is either in kennels or in a very experienced, child free, cat free foster home.
  • Ensure no pound dogs are placed straight into homes with young children.  Dogs must be assessed for their suitability with young families before coming into contact with under 10s.
  • Any dogs the rescue feels unable to rehome MUST be returned to the care of Safe and Sound for further assessment and behaviour modification work, which will be carried out under the close supervision of a fully qualified behaviourist.
If your rescue centre is new to us, we will ask you to complete our 'rescue information' form and return it to us with supplementary documents.  We may then arrange to visit your rescue centre.

We can transport our dogs to any UK mainland rescue, provided we are satisfied that they meet the above criteria.

As you will see below, the vast majority (though not all) of dogs needing help are staffies and their crosses. These dogs are in DESPERATE need of rescue spaces. Please don't dismiss them because of their breed- they make cracking FAMILY pets. To learn more about the REAL staffie click here

CLYDE (moved to Safe and Sound emergency boarding)

Large Heinz 57 entire male, approx 12 mths old. Clyde is another victim of severe neglect/mistreatment. He has gained some confidence since coming into our care, but is still rather worried and nervous. Clyde is a big softy and shows no aggression at all, despite his worries. He is slowly learning to feel safe and is getting used to being stroked and fussed, but he still has a way to go and would benefit from further confidence building. Clyde has not yet been dog tested, but so far, he seems fine with other dogs -  he has shown no aggression towards other dogs when being let out for exercise.  Clyde will walk a bit on a lead, but is too worried to walk with assurance.  Poor Clyde has a sad story: he spent several days wandering the hills of Wales with another dog (believed to be from the same home), before being captured. Both were absolutely petrified on arrival at the pound and in a dreadful state. Unfortunately the older dog was seriously ill and had been for some time, so had to be put to sleep. First vaccination given.​

PRINCE (Welfare case) (moved to Safe and Sound emergency boarding)

PRINCE (moved to Safe and Sound emergency boarding)

Castrated SBT x male, approximately 4 years old. A firm favourite with the kennel management team and it's easy to see why! A very nice natured, sociable and forgiving boy who is always happy and wagging his tail! Prince appears to be dog friendly too and shows no signs of aggression towards them. He loves running around in the paddocks and will greet other dogs nicely through the mesh. Prince is also calm and well behaved in his kennel. Poor Prince was found by police, locked in a cupboard. He was extremely underweight and was really nervous on arrival, but has grown in confidence and trust in the weeks he has worked with kennel staff. Fully vaccinated & neutered. Available to go to rescue asap.


SBT castrated male, approximately 4-5 years old. A very smart, loving and affectionate boy who will make a superb companion in an active home. Branston has been receiving daily clicker training sessions whilst in our care: his handlers say he is a highly intelligent, very motivated and a joy to train. Branston adores people: he loves a cuddle and a fuss. Branston is a very active dog who needs stuff to keep him busy - he would excel at dog sports where he can use his brain and burn some calories. Out and about, Branston lacks fluency around other dogs: he often runs over to see another dog then runs away; he doesn't seem to know what to do and when on lead, he will sometimes get flustered and bark defensively. Branston has been with us for a year now and would really love to be in a home. Fully vaccinated and neutered.

TUMBLE (moved to Safe and Sound emergency boarding)

Female adult bulldog X, approx 3-4 yrs years old. Poor Tumble desperately wants to be friendly and clown around with you, but her nerves get in the way. Tumble is in need of calm, confident handlers to teach her that she is safe now and that she will not be hurt any more. She has obviously mistreated in the past and is now visibly worried when humans approach her kennel. Tumble will lower her head and hide her tail when humans approach and now and again will ask to be left alone with a little growl. Tumble is MUCH more confident and fluent around dogs than people - she seems relaxed around other dogs and has shown no aggression towards any of those she has met during her stay. When out and about, she greets other dogs with calm, friendly and polite body language. Tumble will also run up and down playfully in paddock with dogs on the other side of the mesh. She has selective recall if she is playing in the paddock and thinks it is much better fun to run around like a lunatic! Tumble is clean in her kennel. Her eyes really need wiping every day once her handlers have gained her trust. First vaccination can be given

TED (moved to Safe and Sound emergency boarding)

Teeny tiny SBT castrated male, approximately 2-4 years old. Ted is an enthusiastic, energetic boy who is a real favourite with our volunteer walkers. He has a very sweet nature and is affectionate and sociable - Ted adores people and loves a kiss and a cuddle. Ted is a lively dog who will need an active home. Out and about, he enjoys buzzing about in the paddock, going for long walks. His favourite things are finding sticks and playing with toys, which he likes to hold in his mouth for comfort. Although Ted is now an adult, he is quite puppy like in many ways. Ted is very interested in other dogs, but lacks experience - he doesn't quite know what to do when he meets them - he really wants to say hello but sometimes barks at them instead. He is very keen on toys and so is very easily distracted from unwanted behaviours (such as lead grabbing) with a toy or a game. Ted would benefit from training classes where he can learn doggie manners - he's toy mad, enthusiastic and highly motivated so is likely to be responsive to training. Poor Ted has been the victim of horrific, deliberate neglect in his recent past - he arrived in our care weighing just 9.2kg. He now weighs over 13kg. Ted's previous owners clearly invested no time or effort in him so he is very much a blank canvas at the moment. Ted is neutered and fully vaccinated. Available to go to rescue as soon as possible.