WANTED: 78 very special supportes.... 78 people who can each help us save a life.

We were contacted earlier this week and ask to help a pound holding 39 (yes, THIRTY NINE) seriously overdue poundies at risk of destruction. The dogs have 
been there for many many months now & cannot remain there much longer. We are frantically seeking rescue spaces for each of these precious pooches but in the meantime, our immediate priority is to get each of these dogs fully vaccinated. Thankfully, all of the dogs are healthy at the moment, but it's crucial they are properly protected against deadly infections and disease like parvo or distemper which we know spread so easily in a kennel environment. With so many unvaccinated animals in such close proximity to one another, it's vital that we get them all immunised as soon as possible...

We have been offered veterinary help vaccinating these desperate dogs at a hugely discounted cost of £15 per dog (it normally costs double this amount). We need to raise £585 in total to get these poundies properly protected from killer diseases.

We are therefore seeking 78 very special supporters who can help us make this happen. We know money is very very tight, but we are asking if 78 of our wonderful members would be willing to sponsor a vaccine dose at a cost of just £7.50 each (each dog will need two doses).

If you would like to help, donations can be sent via paypal to:

or via bank transfer to: 

Safe and Sound
Lloyds TSB
account no: 25328860 sort code: 30-97-90

Or visit and click the 'donate' button: